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Fair Weather!

March 30th, 2010 by Blogging Farmer

Last week, we had a dry, sunny spell that was all too brief, but it allowed us to get started on a few summer projects. Most importantly: expanding our garden. In the picture you can see our current garden as it appears currently (it’s greener later, I promise). This year, we want to incorporate the area in the background, between where the soil is tilled and the fence at the back. In the foreground is our tiller. We got it before we had our Kubota tractor. A tiller for the tractor is a much smarter idea, and they actually cost about the same. But oh well, we’re working with the tools we’ve got.

Garden Expansion Plans

Here is the author, busting the sod like some brave pioneer of yore.

Expanding the Garden

In the kitchen meanwhile, we’re making our first attempt at bacon. Depending on how that works out, I may be coming out with another how-to.

Future Bacon

I’ve also started to prep for the camping season with this home-made camping hammock. It might not be as fancy as commercial versions out there, but it also cost only about $30 to make, including a built-in mosquito net. How-to coming soon.

Home-Made Camping Hammock

But for now, we’re back to rain:

Back to rain :(

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