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Spring is in the Air (for us Farmers, that is)

March 6th, 2010 by Blogging Farmer

Though our fields may currently look like THIS (poor Tuna sinking in the snow up to the ears!) it’s the time to start gearing up for the growing season.

Tuna Sinking in Snow
Our first batch of Cornish Cross’s is set to arrive on April 6. This is a photo of a chick from last year.

Cornish Cross chick

Meanwhile on this photo you can see a new project of ours: a grow-light system for starting seedlings indoors. On the left is a shelving unit, on the right is a 10-pack of daylight spectrum (“full spectrum”) fluorescent lamps, and on the bottom are 4 fluorescent shop light fixtures. Soon, I’ll have pictures explaining how they all go together.

Supplies for Growth Chamber

I’m calling it a “growth chamber” or, formally, a “grow-light system for starting seedlings indoors”, as above. Anybody know the proper name for one of these things?

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